Monday, April 21, 2014

Road to Mount Kilimanjaro Post 23

    Hey, my fundraiser breakfast was last week and it went really well. I raised $360 dollars, which will all be going to my plane flights. I don't know when plane flights got so expensive but they did. It was really great to be able to give back. We had a trivia questionaire and if they got the question right about the country, they got to pick a prize. All the prizes were the things I have made this year like my t-shirts and jars. People loved it and it was really great because I ended up having a lot of t-shirts I wasn't able to sell but I already made over the profit I was planning on making so I have the leeway of giving some away. It was just a really encouraging morning and everyone was so excited about my summer and were all super excited for me.

    I've been working on my ted talk and i'm really excited but its also a huge challenge for me. I don't know how to say everything in eight minutes and make it interesting.  I've gotten like the beginning down and like my first point I want to make.  IT's going to focus mainly on finding and reaching your goals. I'm hoping I will get the opportunity to speak but who knows. I also have been watching a lot of teen ted talks to get ideas, its been really helpful.

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  1. Congratulations on a successful event! How exciting :)

    For your TED talk, are you planning on having some type of visual to accompany your presentation? That may be a way to make it more interesting?

    Good luck!