Friday, March 28, 2014

Road to Mount Kilimanjaro post 22

  1 your overall idea/big idea
  2 your project lead you to this how
  3 why is this important for everyone

Use your slides as visual cues

     These are some helpful tips that Mr. Provenzano gave us. When thinking about my big idea I have a rough draft but I'm wondering how general I should be. Because I really do think everyone should spend a summer away from home to learn who they are but I also think you should follow your goals whatever it may be. So my problem is the direction I want to take this. I also want to be funny, that sounds stupid but I don't want it to be really serious. I wanna be able to make fun myself and make them feel like they went on this journey with me. I also don't know how many slides I want to use because I've taken pictures but what do my pictures convey my point you know.
    My breakfast is next week and fifty people are coming. I think that's a pretty good number for a pancake breakfast. We went shoppig for a bunch of stuff. 

    Sooo concerning the tshirt thing, I made over what I wanted to but I still have tshirts left. I'm just sitting with these tshirts and don't know wht to do with them, maybe I will outfit my team. Hehe. It will all work out.

   I'm taking care of a lot of the finite details right now like filling out a visa. It is a very tedious process. I had to go to Costco to take pictures because they have to be on a white backround blah blah blah. 

     I also cleaned out my entire wardrobe!!! I figured out what stuff I should take because my the end of the summer it will be basically trash. I have to many clothes though so I've got some to spare. 

    And that's basically it:)

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  1. Hi Kitty,
    When are you going on your trip again? It's coming up so quickly!
    I think that your teacher's tip to use the PowerPoint slides as visual cues is a great idea. When I make a PowerPoint, I try to put some key words/phrases or an image that is supplemental to or is a summary of what I am saying. That way your audience isn't reading a lengthy slide, but instead they have a visual to compliment your speaking. I know you mentioned wanting to put some humor into your presentation, and I think that you could do this possibly through your slides?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,