Monday, June 2, 2014

Road to Mount Kilimanjaro Post 26

          Last Blog POST HURRAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I love 20 time. I had such a great time doing something I love and can't wait for it actually to happen. I think it is a wonderful opportunity and I am so grateful. I hope that this can be used to readjust the school system.  I think that the only thing would be more updates in front of the class because it holds you more accountable to do things. I love that it is on Fridays. I think its a great way to start the weekend. Presenting at the end of the year should not be changed either. I personally think 20 time is a great idea for students. I don't know how to make it large scale but I think everyone should have this opportunity. A ton of people I talk to our jealous they did not get something like this to do in high school. If I were to tell students anything I would tell them don't choose something you don't like to do. If you do you will end up hating every friday the whole year. Choose something you already like and take this time to expand and grow with that and set a goal for yourself.

   SEEEEE YYAAAA twenty time.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Road to Mount Kilimanjaro Blog Post 25

     All of the presentations have been great so far. I can not wait to see how the rest of them go. Luckily, I got my presentation out of the way and so that is a huge weight off my chest. I'm kind of sad to see it all coming to end. The whole class has gone on this journey together and its wild to see how much everyone has changed since the beginning of 20 time and all the things they learned.

    Theres not much else going on. My project is basically over or is about to begin. Depending on how you look at it. Im almost done packing, I've been studying for finals, I booked my flight. There just some loose ends that have to come together. I am so appreciative of this project and the ted talk is going to be so awesome. I wonder what will be like to have to leave so quick to get to the airport. Fingers crossed everything will go smoothly.

   And thats it!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Road to Mount Kilimanjaro Post 24

    Everything is really wrapping up. I'm basically done fundraising and I'm getting all together with packing. My speech is basically done but it's only eight minutes long. I want to be leaning more till the nine minute mark. I'm really afraid I'm gonna be the one who says all the umms... I really don't want to be that person. I still need to work on my slides because they don't necessarily make sense. I'm really nervous if you can't tell. I literally just made a whole manuscript. I'm hoping I can be a little more reflowing. 
    I have a lot to stress about because I'm gonna be gone the two next weekends and I have finals, and the end of the year. I just am having a ton of anxiety. I also love talking to people but the before feeling is killer. I'm trying to identify what is stressing me so I can better calm down. I guess it's just I really passionate about this and it means a lot to me. I would really love to be part of Ted x though because I am missing the first day of boot camp to be able to be there. Which reminds I need to actually talk to the administration at the organization to make those arrangements. Anyways I'm gonna continue working on my speech and hopefully present to Mr. provenzano

Monday, April 21, 2014

Road to Mount Kilimanjaro Post 23

    Hey, my fundraiser breakfast was last week and it went really well. I raised $360 dollars, which will all be going to my plane flights. I don't know when plane flights got so expensive but they did. It was really great to be able to give back. We had a trivia questionaire and if they got the question right about the country, they got to pick a prize. All the prizes were the things I have made this year like my t-shirts and jars. People loved it and it was really great because I ended up having a lot of t-shirts I wasn't able to sell but I already made over the profit I was planning on making so I have the leeway of giving some away. It was just a really encouraging morning and everyone was so excited about my summer and were all super excited for me.

    I've been working on my ted talk and i'm really excited but its also a huge challenge for me. I don't know how to say everything in eight minutes and make it interesting.  I've gotten like the beginning down and like my first point I want to make.  IT's going to focus mainly on finding and reaching your goals. I'm hoping I will get the opportunity to speak but who knows. I also have been watching a lot of teen ted talks to get ideas, its been really helpful.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Road to Mount Kilimanjaro post 22

  1 your overall idea/big idea
  2 your project lead you to this how
  3 why is this important for everyone

Use your slides as visual cues

     These are some helpful tips that Mr. Provenzano gave us. When thinking about my big idea I have a rough draft but I'm wondering how general I should be. Because I really do think everyone should spend a summer away from home to learn who they are but I also think you should follow your goals whatever it may be. So my problem is the direction I want to take this. I also want to be funny, that sounds stupid but I don't want it to be really serious. I wanna be able to make fun myself and make them feel like they went on this journey with me. I also don't know how many slides I want to use because I've taken pictures but what do my pictures convey my point you know.
    My breakfast is next week and fifty people are coming. I think that's a pretty good number for a pancake breakfast. We went shoppig for a bunch of stuff. 

    Sooo concerning the tshirt thing, I made over what I wanted to but I still have tshirts left. I'm just sitting with these tshirts and don't know wht to do with them, maybe I will outfit my team. Hehe. It will all work out.

   I'm taking care of a lot of the finite details right now like filling out a visa. It is a very tedious process. I had to go to Costco to take pictures because they have to be on a white backround blah blah blah. 

     I also cleaned out my entire wardrobe!!! I figured out what stuff I should take because my the end of the summer it will be basically trash. I have to many clothes though so I've got some to spare. 

    And that's basically it:)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Road to Mount Kilimanjaro post 21

    I just did a one minute presentation and I'm pretty mad at myself cuz I got pretty nervous. I really wanna "Talk like Ted", I just need to be more prepared next time so the nerves can't get to me.

   I've sold seventy five tshirts already and I'm getting forty more. Fifteen boys and twenty five girls. Any one I don't sell I'm bringing with me to Africa. This Friday will be "National Find Your Mountain Day." On this day every one is going to wear there tshirt and celebrate their goals in life. I think it will be pretty cool. I really wanna be able to sell them at the fashion show but literally no one will get back to me. I've calle all these lairs home phones, emailed them and yet no one will respond. I guess there having some difficulties but I wish they would just tell me if I have a spot or not so I can strt mass producing my spring line of jars. I'm down to 2500 without any of my fundraiser. I'm trying to start to book flights today. I also started selling tickets today for my breakfast. Everything is in full swing which makes it really stressful. 

   I'm getting stronger and stronger everyday physically to prepare for this summer. I wanna move up the mountain with ease and don't want to slow my team down. 

  That's about it.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Road to Mount Kilimanjaro post 20

    This morning I talked to Dr. Outlaw and it went really well. He said all I need to do is schedule with the teachers a good time to take my finals. This week I bought 26 t-shirts. They are really nice fitting and organic. I will be going to see the guy silk screen the t-shirts sometime next week. I am planning on wearing my t-shirt all week, I know gross right. But by me wearing it I'll hopefully generate popularity and then hopefully get sales. Its kind of a social experiment.

   Next on the list is my jars, I got an unexpected client this week and so I had to back on making them right away. We had to go all the way to Canada to get these smarties things but I'm now in business again and planning on putting a down payment for becoming a vector that this spring's fashion show.

   So with the Palm Sunday breakfast, their was... they little... lets just say drama. This guy announce it wronged so now the times are all wrong and were gonna have to reschedule it to at around 8:30 instead of 11:00 which is kind of early. Hopefully people will still come and support.

Thats all folks.